Bulk text messaging – Important Info

Short messaging service plays an active role in direct marketing of products and services offered by businesses. This service helps business houses to let their customers be informed of their activities, promotions and other news. Bulk Text Messaging is cost-friendly and it provides more channels and opportunities for corporate houses to convey their news to their target customers.

Marketing via Mobile Phones
With improvements in SMS applications and technology, sending bulk SMS to any part of the world is child’s play and takes only a few seconds. The text can be a single message or it can be a distribution list that contains several thousands of numbers. Both small and large businesses are getting interested in SMS marketing using a mobile device, given the fact that 70% of the global population uses a cell phone. Bulk Text Messaging is especially useful for banks, companies, business enterprises and schools. Banks alert customers with regard to their transactions by sending text messages. Train and bus reservation confirmations reach the customers via SMS. Schools and universities send texts to their students and faculty to keep them updated about the activities in the institution. Our website provides info on  bulk text messaging

Marketing via Computer
A computer with an internet connection, when connected to an android phone becomes an excellent tool to send text messages. It is easier to send and receive messages on a computer than on a handset. Bulk SMS can be sent from a PC to reach any number of users. Service providers give this facility at a very low cost, or in some countries, it comes free. Another benefit of Sending SMS from a PC is that the user can schedule delivery of the SMS. It is also possible to send group SMS from the desktop or laptop. Free SMS marketing is a boon for business enterprises. They can send texts regarding their promotional offers, what latest facility they have to offer to the customers etc. This could mean large savings for them, which otherwise, would have to be spent on the traditional medium of advertisements like newspaper, radio, television, billboards etc.

An Overview of Marketing through Short Messages
Short messaging service has become the backbone of the advertising industry globally. This medium of advertising has far-reaching results and it doesn’t really matter whether the SMS is sent from a PC or a mobile phone. Today, since many providers give the benefit of cheap and even free online SMS to their subscribers in many parts of the world, this facility has taken the business world by storm.